save electricity singapore
  • November 7, 2021

Ways To Save Electricity In Singapore

Sunseap is a licenced energy retailer in Singapore’s open electricity market, according to the Energy Market Authority (EMA). Compared to other suppliers, Sunseap’s electricity plans provide clean, renewable energy.

Electricity retailers are driven to develop and provide consumers more choice and freedom in the liberalised open market. Sunseap, on the other hand, is a way for you to start taking concrete efforts to protect the environment.

When an individual joins Sunseap, every kWh of solar energy used will offset the requirement for a kWh of electricity from a portable generator. SP Group will continue to provide grid reliability to its customers. One can save electricity singapore and make it better for the future. 

Why Must Electricity Be Saved?

According to a 2017 research published last year by the National Environment Agency, Singaporeans are consuming 17 percent more electricity. The use of air conditioners, heating systems, and freezers accounted for the majority of electricity use.

Residents, on the other hand, have leapt on board to change the way they buy equipment and consume energy in order to save electricity. In Singapore, more people are choosing energy-efficient equipment and setting their air conditioners to higher degrees.

It’s no surprise that now that the Open Electricity Market is in place, Singaporeans would become more frugal with their electricity usage.

Despite the fact that the Open Electricity Market allows customers to spend at a cheaper rate than the current regulated tariff, they should nevertheless try to limit their electricity consumption.