When do you need couples counselling?

A marriage needs work every single day. Both the partners need to work on it to make it successful. There may be times though when one or both partners feel disillusioned, it is at such times that couples must seek counselling for marriage. Outside help can certainly help the marriage from deteriorating further. As a result, couple spend time trying to retrospect and work with each other in getting the lost spark back into their marriage.

Listed in this article are a few signs that your marriage is hitting the rocks and it is time you seek therapy.

One or both partners can’t forgive the other

In a marriage there can be unfortunate circumstances that arise such as the wife having a miscarriage or one of the partners having an affair. Couples find it difficult to forgive each other and move on instead they blame the other person that can deter healing.

The marriage may be lacking intimacy

Both the partners in a marriage are individuals who have different expectations in life. Things like medication, work or other life changes can wreck the marriage.

Being unable to communicate 

Communication is the key to a good marriage. Sometimes there could be gaps of communication when one or both partners do not express themselves. It can result in withdrawal of the person, which is extremely detrimental to the marriage. The problem keeps stemming back because it is unresolved. Both the partners find themselves caught in a vicious circle.