Require the details of have hdb flooring

Which can be dubious to get right however with the correct data and techniques, any do-it-without anyone’s help err and mortgage holder can take on an employment like this with certainty. As consistently I will list all instruments and materials you will require to lay vinyl flooring over vinyl flooring.


Your new vinyl flooring

Vinyl flooring cement we utilized releasable weight delicate cement from Chap-co

Skim coat

Finish nails

Blue painters tape


Extremely sharp steel snare cutting edge and standard edge

Sledge and level bar

Workmanship Trowel


hdb flooring

Finish nail gunhammer and nail set will likewise work

Miter Sawnot important if reusing old trim

Paint brush and rollerif utilizing releasable weight touchy cement, with certain cements you will require a 1/8 indented tile scoop to spread your paste, consistently try to peruse and adhere to the makers directions on compartment

Caulking weapon

2×4 enclosed by cover or a towel

Being a mortgage holder you will probably possess these apparatuses. If not, you can get them at your nearby home improvement shop and not need to stress as you will have the option to utilize any of these recorded devices over and over.

  1. Initially and most clearly you should get out the territory. In the event that it’s your kitchen it is in every case best to eliminate your cooler and oven to run the ground surface under them.
  2. Utilizing your sledge and level bar, it’s an ideal opportunity hdb flooring eliminate any base board embellishment or quarter round trip from around the edges of your floor. On the off chance that you will basically reuse your old embellishment try not to break any of your pieces as your eliminating them. Seeing as your going with a pristine floor I would recommend supplanting all the embellishment it depends how beat up the old embellishment is and your spending plan.
  3. Assess your floor. Search for bubbles and free regions. Utilizing your disposable cutter, w/a standard sharp edge removed and eliminate these terrible regions.
  4. Vacuum the floor of all soil and trash to keep it out of your skim coat.