• April 1, 2021

Why Criminal Defense Lawyers Should Wear a Watch

The best criminal defense lawyers are going to know just how important time keeping can be. In spite of the fact that this is the case, a lot of them often forget to wear watches. It is important to note that wearing a watch is not optional for you if you work in the field of criminal defense. You are never going to get anywhere in your career if you don’t start managing your time sooner rather than later, and many of the situations that you are going to find yourself in are going to require you to focus on things like being on time as well in terms of your legal cases that you might be fighting on a regular basis at the end of the day.

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You might assume that you can just use your phone to check the time, but this looks bad in court. Checking your watch is perfectly reasonable since you are just trying to make sure that everything is going along smoothly. This is a tip from https://www.hg.org/attorney/carlson-meissner-hart-and-hayslett-pa/129175 that you should pay attention to since it comes from a really high end lawyer who has worked their way up to the very top of the legal ladder.

The thing about wearing a watch is that it keeps things in perspective for you. If someone is trying to distract you from the matter at hand, you can just check your watch to see how much time they are taking up and note it to take it up with the judge at a later date. Checking your watch while someone is talking is also a real power move since it would show them that you don’t care.