Score grade 9 in IGCSE physics with Tuttee

For any competitive or regular exam, we need to have proper planning, conceptual mind maps, and fixed learning hours, and all these things are managed by the tutor or coaching classes. IGCSE is one such exam that doesn’t have much for each subject, but physics is one topic that needs proper understanding and conceptual lining. All these targets are achieved by Tuttee, which provides high-level igcse physics training.

Steps for achieving a top GRADE for IGCSE physics

  1. First, you must complete the topics as early as possible.
  2. They will clear all your subjects before completing your school syllabus.
  3. After you’ve completed the entire chapter, the tutor will go for practice tests and previous year questions. The practice question papers are designed to give you a complete insight into the paper as it has the same pattern and marking scheme.
  4. With this tutoring class, you soon will be able to understand what the examiner wants, ultimately leading you to grade 9.

How do they excel in IGCSE physics?

They have teachers who have experience teaching thousands of students for about 12= yrs. They work in two approaches.

  • Simplifying the question
  • Applying the right formula

We all know that physics is all applications; once you understand it, no matter from where the question is asked, if you have a clear understanding, you will be able to understand them.

It is also observed that the physics syllabus is the lightest among all other subjects. You need to memorize a few concepts to gain an A* grade.

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