The piano is the instrument that helps the listener to forget about the problem and enjoy the moment

Tom Lee Music is a musical company, The musical company in Hong Kong was founded in 1953. Tom Lee Music is the most significant musical instrument retailer in Hong Kong, with a various range of products as well as the desired services to support the music industry.

YAMAHA is the world’s largest maker of musical instruments. For several years, Yamaha has followed a tradition of Japanese craftsmanship with modern materials and sound innovations to create exceptional tone and beauty.

Yamaha has brought their extensive experience building pianos into creating the world’s best digital pianos and keyboards. Yamaha was the first manufacturer who introduces the concept to introduce digital pianos and keyboards. yamaha piano distributor have a variety of models to choose from; we can find the perfect digital piano and keyboard for our playing enjoyment.

Types of piano

There are three primary types of pianos their primary pianos types: Grand, Upright, and Electronic. These types are often called other styles also, such as the “Electric Baby Grand Piano,” “Electric Upright Pianos,” and “Baby Grand Piano.”

Benefits of piano

  • Improve our memory.
  • Improve our brain speed.
  • Expand our aural skills.
  • Sharpen our concentration and focus.
  • Decrease our stress and anxiety.
  • Increase our happiness.
  • Boost our confidence and self-esteem.

How piano helps the brain to function well

Playing the piano positively affects the brain; researchers research that music stimulates the brain as no other activity does. While playing a piece on the piano, we are adding new neural connections, which primes our brain for other forms of communication.